Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I get asked this question quite often.  I guess it's for the same reason that justifies people spending their money on excess clothes, books, gambling, alcohol, yarn, etc.  Name your poison because we all have at least ONE thing that just tickles your tummy every time you buy it.  Sometimes I like to pretend I'm a distorted version of Hugh Hefner in my classy, mismatched pajamas and just stare at all my little DVD boxes.  I run my fingers across them while wearing a creepy smile on my face, just as a fat kid would do with an unopened candy bar.  Hugh and I just collect different things, but ultimately, we both feel that priceless feeling of hope when we can spend a few minutes just admiring our dirty, little obsessions.

You learn a lot from yourself and what you really like when you have to limit your routine to afford daily necessities in life.  I have naturally sacrificed clothes shopping, dining out, bar tabs, and everything else a twenty-something year-old would love to spend their paychecks on just so I can pay rent.  The little money that is left over after spoiling my loved ones is spent on increasing my DVD towers.  I guess we all must grow accustomed to prioritizing, but you know as well as I do that we all have a dark craving to feed.  I'm thankful that mine is a movie collection and not a far more dangerous and expensive addiction.  I mean, what the hell, I already invested thousands of dollars into a university to further my knowledge and experience in the film industry.  I'm proud I am still clearly ambitious and motivated just as I was when I began pursuing this field.  I am already ahead of the game, or at least this is what helps me sleep at night.  

A side note to Blu Ray DVDs..Please stop taking over!  I really enjoy the freedom of having thousands of movies and television series to choose from.  If you keep this up and DVDs are demolished off Earth, I'm going to be forced to make my super-duper technologically advanced girlfriend brew up an easy way for me to copy ALL of my DVDs on to Blu Ray DVDs.  She won't be happy.  Plus,  my collection is far too old and developed that it would be pointless to rely on the possibility that every movie from the past would be available and for sale on Blu Ray.  I'm still waiting for some old time movies to be released on DVD, cough cough, The Legend Of Billie Jean!  So Sony, Panasonic, Philips, please keep making DVD players.  Thanks! XO

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